Compare and contrast spartan and kenyan education

The spartan king agesilaus once said that what matters in education is that children must learn the skills they will use when they grow up, and. Answer to: compare and contrast the education in athens and sparta by signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework.

There are also a number of private tutors schools, colleges and universities operating alongside the state education and providing.

The term education has got a lot of definitions different similarities and differences between indigenous african education and missionary type of education posted on education nairobi : east africa literature bureau.

Compare and contrast: education in japan and kenya economic factors greatly influence the quality of education the educational systems of developing.

compare and contrast spartan and kenyan education Education in ancient greece was vastly democratized in the 5th century bce,  influenced by  the spartans also taught music and dance, but with the purpose  of enhancing their  the school was in contrast to plato's academy (c 387 bce) .

Similarities and differences between spartan and athenian society it was their education system known as the “agoge” which involved harsh.

“education and admonition commence in the first years of childhood and last to the very end of life” - plato, protagoras (1) modern auckland now after a few.

Othen then that spartans had a more military driven education, while athenians had an education that was more concentrated in political.

Compare and contrast spartan and kenyan education
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